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"This blackly comical horror is given a wonderfully cinematic zing by inventive director Stephanie Zari." 

"A superb trip into the addled mind" ★★★★  Rich Cline, Chair of UK Critics Circle

"Zari’s debut feature is a thrill."   "Refreshingly Stylish."  ★★★★ Taryll Baker, UK Film Review

 "Zari’s direction is strong and paced to suit the off-beat script"  "Very worth 82 minutes of your time"  ★★★★ Jane Foster, The B Club

"A film that feels unlike anything else you’ll have seen for a good long while."  Stefan Pape, HeyUGuys

"Roy’s chilling performance gets under your skin."  Dennis Schwartz Reviews

"A bold and original debut, the film’s twists and turns subvert expectations while challenging the stigma around mental illness abuse in a novel way."  Sarah Bradbury, The Upcoming

"[Zebra Girl] is a solid debut feature for Zari."  Film News

"Inevitably harrowing, we are in the same setting as classics such as Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now."  No More Workhorse

"Sarah Roy is great in this leading role."  "Zebra Girl is a dark mystery comedy that will leave you shocked."  Movie Reviews 101

"Zebra Girl is a well put together adaptation of a thrilling one-woman show."  Loud and Clear

"The acting in this film is top notch.”  It Girl World

"A standout debut feature from Stephanie Zari" Karl Franks 

"The stylised visuals, coupled with the editing's ambitious weaving of flashbacks and fantasies,

suggests Zari could be a director to watch."  Total Film

Zebra Girl is a psychological thriller with a bold streak of pitch black humour staring Tom Cullen, Jade Anouka and Sarah Roy, featuring Isabelle ConnollyAnna Wilson-Jones  and Moyo Akandé. Based on the one-woman-play “Catherine and Anita” performed by Roy to rave reviews at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and King's Head Theatre in London, it also marks Zari's debut feature film.

Catherine’s seemingly perfect rural life is turned upside down after she discovers her husband is hiding a dark secret that leads her to the unthinkable. Murder. Cue Anita, Catherine’s mysterious best friend who shows up to help dispose of the body. As Catherine and Anita reminisce whilst chopping up and bagging up, their intimately intertwined and tortured past rears its ugly head. Reality blurs as Catherine’s tragic past is slowly revealed along with a secret she’s hiding to fight for the future.

Zebra Girl was released in UK Cinemas on 28th May 2021 and on VOD in the UK, USA and Canada on 31st May 2021. Sales are with AMP International and distribution with Bohemia Media and Front Row Filmed Entertainment.


2021 / 80min / Alexa Amira

19th Street Productions

Cast: Tom Cullen, Jade Anouka, Sarah Roy
Directed by:  Stephanie Zari
Screenplay by: Derek Ahonen
Screen Story by: Derek Ahonen, Stephanie Zari, Sarah Roy
Produced by: Monika Kasprzak, Dai Davison
CoProduced by: Stephanie Zari
Executive Producers: Vadim Jean, Sarah Roy
Director of Photography: Catherine Derry
Editor: Benjamin Gerstein
Composer: Caspar Leopard
Production Designer: Frances Von Fleming
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Martin McClean
Casting Director: Manuel Puro


National Film Awards, UK 2022 - BEST THRILLER (Nomination)

Beyond the Curve, Paris, France 2022 - WINNER - Best Women's Film, Best Actress (Jade Anouka)  NOMINATION: Best Feature, Best Director

NÒT FILM FEST, Italy 2022 - Moonwalker Award (Nomination)

Portland Film Festival, Portland, Oregon, USA 2022 - WINNER - Midnight Movie

A Night of Horror Film Festival, Sydney, Australia 2022 - Closing Night Film

Shockfest Film Festival, USA 2022 - BEST CULT FILM (Nomination)

SENSEI Tokyo Film Fest, Japan 2022 - Various Nominations

Spooky Empire's Horror Film Festival, Orlando, USA 2022 - Honourable Mention


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