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A budding R&B artist finds herself under attack by otherworldly forces when babysitting for her superstar DJ friend. Left alone with a spooky seven-year-old, the house smart tech quickly turns evil.


HOUSE HACK, is a 12+ comedy horror that was commissioned by Whatifi, the social storyhacking platform for original interactive films, with the live-action feature boasting 16 possible endings. It was produced under Zari’s FORGE FILMS banner and shot on location in Tallinn, Estonia in 2020. HOUSE HACK was filmed with a native 9:16 vertical aspect ratio and launched on the Whatifi App in March 2021. Download Whatifi for for free on iOS and Android to watch and play with friends.

HOUSE HACK introduces newcomer Amanda Shodeko in the lead role of Max, an aspiring singer who finds herself under attack from the “smart tech”’ in a modern haunted house. It also features rising British talent Ann Akin (I MAY DESTROY YOU), Amer Chadha Patel (THE THIRD DAY), Jenny Funnell (AS TIME GOES BY) and Stephen Agnew (WILD BILL).

Available globally since 2020, Whatifi unlocks the ability to debate and decide what happens next in the movies you and your friends watch on smartphones and tablets, offering dozens of plotlines, character arcs, and endings.

Whatifi was voted a Top Game App for 2021 by Google Play.

“We seek filmmakers who instinctively get that young viewers come to movies with a different mindset. They watch stuff on their phones, often with friends. They’re portrait-mode natives. And they’re keen on dynamic stories that traditional narrative formats don’t permit. Stephanie jumped at the chance to essentially make 16 movies rolled into one -- out of her comfort zone, at a crazy-fast schedule. Look out for good old scares, insane twists, silly fun, and stellar performances from a cast that clicks with House Hack like demons on a sugar high.” ~ Jaanus Juss, Whatifi Co-Founder

2021 / 90min / Alexa Mini ~ Live-action interactive film/game
Forge Films / Whatifi

Cast: Amanda Shodeko, Amer Chadha-Patel, Jenny Funnell, Raheem Ramazani, Stephen Agnew, Ann Akinjirin
Created by: Stephanie Zari
Directed by:  Stephanie Zari
Screen Story by: Abigail Blackmore and Stephanie Zari
Written By: Abigail Blackmore
Produced by: Jennifer Monks, Monika Kasprzak
Executive Producer, Forge Films: Stephanie Zari
Executive Producers, Whatifi: Jaanus Juss, Villu Arak
Estonia Service Production/Producer: Esko Rips, NAFTA
Line Producer: Elina Litvinova
Director of Photography: Nick Cooke
Editors: Richard Smith, Cat Gregory, Tamsin Jeffrey
Composer: Rich McCoull
Production Designer: Maili Rooden, Armin Kohlmann
Costume Design: Neoon Must
Hair, Make-Up & Prosthetic Design: Ruth Pease
Casting: Leanne Flinn
Post Sound Services: The East Wing Studio

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